Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sleeveless white peplum style dress with black stiletto pumps

What do you think of this outfit that Kristina Dolinskaya is wearing?

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Are black stiltetto pumps good to wear with a white dress?

Sure. Black is always a good color choice to go with just about anything. Black pumps will always work with a white dress. They don't have to be stiletto pumps though. With this look stiletto pumps look sexier but you could go for a lower heel. Some ladies can even make a look like this work with flats like ballerinas or gladiator style flat sandals. probably the tall gladiators would give this a more interesting look if you were going to try with gladiator style flat sandals.

Can any girl with any body type wear a peplum style dress?

A peplum style dress probably looks best on women with some curves. You don't have to be have an hourglass figure like Kim Kardashian; but if you're sort of straight, a peplum style dress might not be the best choice. Some will disagree but I think your size doesn't matter so much as your shape.