Thursday, September 4, 2014

Natasha Ndlovu wearing a white blouse with black skinny jeans

I really love Natasha N's style. And she's so beautiful. She always looks fantastic. Those are some super high heels though. I probably couldn't manage them myself but I'm sure she can strut like a pro in them being a model. The tan suede bag is an interesting choice. I wouldn't have thought to pick a tan suede bag; but I love how it works with the look. The jeans are from net-a-porter. Acne Studios Pin high-rise skinny jeans. They cost $220. I can't shop net-a-porter. They have to be holding 95% off sales. Unfortunately Natasha's website is down right this very minute so I can't find out about her shoes and her blouse because she didn't put that info on her lookbook page. The hate is from Maison Michel Virginie Bordeaux - Felt hat with fringed band. It costs 490 euros. Don't know about the bag either, or Natasha's rings.

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