Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hot pink formal joggers black bandeau top blush nude blazer nude heels

This is a cute outfit. The name of the girl in the picture is Anna Puzova. She is a blogger and a fashion business expert from Latvia. She's wearing an H&M blazer, hot pink TOPSHOP formal joggers, nude Zara court shoes with asymmetric strap, sunglasses from H&M, Gogo Philip chain necklace, H&M bracelet, New Look crossbody bag. It's a gorgeous outfit and I love how she matches the shade of her lipstick to the color of the pants. Everything blends and matches really nicely. The lipstick to the pants. The bag to the shoes. The jacket to everything. And of course black always goes with everything. Really especially love love the Zara shoes--the asymmetric strap. You can see more pictures of Anna in this outfit on her blog

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